Welcome to Dust Bunnies' Cleaning Specialists! We aim to be South Florida's cleaning service.


Finding affordable cleaning services can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget! Although the cheapest way to get cleaning done is doing it yourself, it can be hard to get things done when you don’t even have the time to get around to it. Our services are extremely affordable and we will work with you and whatever budget you have. Our affordable services will ease your worries when you don’t have to lift a finger in order to be in a clean space.


When you choose Dust Bunnies’ Cleaning Specialists, you are hiring a professional, dependable, and affordable cleaning service. We can transform your home or business by creating a clean, immaculate environment. We properly know how to tackle various areas that tend to be very tough to clean. We want you to rely on us to get all of your cleaning done. Trust that we always handle items in your home or business with proper care, and do all cleaning work in a safe, hygienic and sanitized way every time.


There is a huge difference when it comes to hiring licensed house cleaning companies that are bonded and insured versus a company that is not. It’s all about the protection that you will get when you open the door of your home or business to a house cleaner. A licensed company guarantees that you get a high quality cleaning job and protects you from liability or risk when the day is done. We are proud to be a bonded and insured company that offers an authentic and honest service to each and every client.